Canyoning & Rafting

Now's the time, just this once, to leave the beaten hiking paths and try something new. Not detouring the gorge as you have in the past, but accepting the challenge and welcoming the adventure known as "canyoning". Rather than avoiding the waterfall, now you'll get to rappel down it. This is a "must" for people who prefer to look up out of the canyon rather than down into it. A different perspective that is definitely worth the effort! Dressed up nice and warm in a neoprene suit, you will make your way through spectacular river valleys and precipitous rock formations during your canyoning adventure.

If you want to explore the exhilarating rapids along some of the most variety-packed and spectacular stretches of the River Salzach, then rafting is definitely the way to go
- this is complete refreshment for mind and body. Just like the mountains, our region's waters were seemingly created for sporting activities, offering essentially everything any adventurer could hope for from a perfect vacation.

Our mountain waters are literally overflowing with natural energy. If you have an adventurous spirit and are not afraid of getting a little bit wet, then you, too, can be part of all the fun. Just hop aboard one of the 6- to 8-man boats and away you go.